Rabbi Yaakov Weingarten

Rabbi Yaakov Weingarten


There are very few human beings who are not only noble but also are minefield of knowledge. One such person is Rabbi Yaakov Weingarten. Rabbi Yaakov is a well-known figure in the Jewish community. Born in Jerusalem to a prominent and renowned rabbinical family, at the age of 24, he was efficient in English as well as Hebrew and was appointed rabbi of hotels Warner. After conclusion of his mission in Lebanon, he was appointed Rabbi of the Jordan Valley, a position which he enjoyed immensely. It was in Jordan Valley that he wrote his first books on Laws of Shabbat. Little did he know that after the success of his first book he would go on to write another book on Laws of Shabbat.

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Rabbi Yaakov Weingarten

Rabbi Yaakov Weingarten

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Rabbi Yaakov Weingarten

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