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Video: Maracaibo, the story of Venezuela's collapse
Maracaibo is the second-largest city in Venezuela. Its residents face soaring inflation, widespread poverty and shortages. Under Hugo Chavez, Venezuela based its economy on oil exports. But the fall in oil prices led to a crippling economic crisis. Most people can no longer afford to buy food and the fishermen of Lake Maracaibo resort to smuggling to sell their meagre catch in neighbouring Colombia. Our reporters Matthieu Delmas and Chris Huby went to meet Maracaibo’s struggling residents.

Trump threatens to hit all $500 billion of Chinese imports with tariffs
US President Donald Trump said in an interview released Friday he is willing to hit all Chinese goods imported to the United States with tariffs if necessary.

Trump plans to invite Putin to US for new meeting
US President Donald Trump, under fire over his Helsinki summit with Vladimir Putin, doubled down Thursday by saying he looks forward to meeting the Russian leader again -- with talks already underway for a visit to Washington in the fall.

Nicaraguans 'betrayed' by Ortega, says Bianca Jagger
As Nicaragua marked the 39th anniversary of the Sandinista uprising and is once again facing widespread unrest, longtime human rights defender Bianca Jagger spoke to FRANCE 24 about how those taking to the streets against President Daniel Ortega feel betrayed by the former revolutionary hero.

Bill Browder: 'If I were to be handed over to Russia, I would be killed'
US President Donald Trump’s meeting with Russia’s Vladimir Putin this week marked “the lowest point in his presidency”, Kremlin critic William Browder tells FRANCE 24, calling a Putin proposal that Russia be allowed to question US citizens “absurd”.

Video: Ortega loyalists mark 1979 revolt in cradle of Sandinista uprising
Thirty-nine years after the Sandinista uprising began in Masaya, Daniel Ortega loyalists celebrate recapturing the rebel city.

Trump says he warned Putin against election meddling at Helsinki summit
President Donald Trump said Wednesday that he told Russian leader Vladimir Putin during their summit in Helsinki that the United States would not tolerate meddling in US elections.

Bianca Jagger: 'Ortega has dismantled all legal institutions in Nicaragua'
2018-07-18 20:21 EN NW GRAB BIANCA JAGGER FROM 19H30

Nicaragua's boiling point: Americas divided over Ortega's crackdown
Has Nicaragua reached its boiling point? What started as peaceful protests against pension reform has descended into a brutal crackdown by forces loyal to longtime president Daniel Ortega. The latest chapter: the storming of a besieged onetime stronghold of the Sandinista movement that's turned against the leftist leader.

Nicaragua's Ortega-Murillo power couple toppled a dynasty – only to form another
Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega, a former Marxist guerrilla leader, changed his political stripes and is now clinging to power alongside his wife and vice president, Rosario Murillo. But the people are growing impatient amid continuing unrest.

Trump says 'no time limit' to North Korea denuclearisation
President Donald Trump said Tuesday there is no hurry to denuclearize North Korea under his accord with Kim Jong Un -- a shift in tone from when the US leader said the process would start very soon.

Maria Butina, alleged Russia spy, indicted by US grand jury
A U.S. grand jury returned an indictment against a Russian woman on Tuesday, and added a charge accusing her of acting as a Russian government agent while developing ties with American citizens and infiltrating political groups.

Nicaragua police seize control of rebel stronghold of Masaya
Hundreds of police and supporters of Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega stormed a major stronghold of anti-government protesters on Tuesday, tearing down cobblestone barricades in a symbolic blow against efforts to oust the Sandinista leader.

Trump reverses Russia remarks, saying he misspoke at Putin summit
US President Donald Trump said on Tuesday he misspoke at a Helsinki summit with Russia’s Vladimir Putin, claiming he had meant to say he saw no reason why it was not Russia that interfered in the 2016 US election.

My lunch with alleged Russian spy Maria Butina
When a 29-year-old Russian was arrested on Monday for conspiring to act as an agent of the Russian government, I thought back to my encounter with Maria Butina. Did I really have lunch with a Russian spy, and did she predict Trump’s election?

Putin talks put Trump 'in a very difficult position'
Trevor McCrisken, associate professor at the University of Warwick, looks at the fallout from the Helsinki talks in which US President Donald Trump sided with Russia's Vladimir Putin over allegations of meddling in his 2016 presidential election victory.

Nicaragua protesters vow to keep up fight as death toll mounts
Students marched through Nicaragua's capital Monday, chanting "GET OUT" to demand that President Daniel Ortega and his wife Vice President Rosario Murillo resign after a deadly weekend of clashes.

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