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Pompeo compares Iran leadership to 'mafia' in verbal attack
U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo launched a rhetorical assault on Iran's leaders on Sunday, comparing them to a "mafia" and promising unspecified backing for Iranians unhappy with their government.

FBI suspected former Trump aide of 'collaborating' with Russia
The FBI believed that a former campaign advisor to Donald Trump was "collaborating" with Russia as it worked to influence the 2016 presidential election, top secret documents released to US news organizations have revealed.

Trump says tapes of talks with lawyer 'perhaps illegal'
U.S. President Donald Trump on Saturday denied any wrongdoing a day after reports that his onetime attorney had recorded them both discussing buying the rights to a story by a woman who said she had an affair with Trump.

Volte-face: Trump's Russia policy lets Putin 'punch above his weight'
US President Donald Trump faced a deluge of criticism for siding with Vladimir Putin against his own intelligence agencies on Monday before backtracking. After a week of US diplomatic missteps and reversals, only the Russian leader emerged unscathed.

Video: Maracaibo, the story of Venezuela's collapse
Maracaibo is the second-largest city in Venezuela. Its residents face soaring inflation, widespread poverty and shortages. Under Hugo Chavez, Venezuela based its economy on oil exports. But the fall in oil prices led to a crippling economic crisis. Most people can no longer afford to buy food and the fishermen of Lake Maracaibo resort to smuggling to sell their meagre catch in neighbouring Colombia. Our reporters Matthieu Delmas and Chris Huby went to meet Maracaibo’s struggling residents.

Trump threatens to hit all $500 billion of Chinese imports with tariffs
US President Donald Trump said in an interview released Friday he is willing to hit all Chinese goods imported to the United States with tariffs if necessary.

Trump plans to invite Putin to US for new meeting
US President Donald Trump, under fire over his Helsinki summit with Vladimir Putin, doubled down Thursday by saying he looks forward to meeting the Russian leader again -- with talks already underway for a visit to Washington in the fall.

Nicaraguans 'betrayed' by Ortega, says Bianca Jagger
As Nicaragua marked the 39th anniversary of the Sandinista uprising and is once again facing widespread unrest, longtime human rights defender Bianca Jagger spoke to FRANCE 24 about how those taking to the streets against President Daniel Ortega feel betrayed by the former revolutionary hero.

Bill Browder: 'If I were to be handed over to Russia, I would be killed'
US President Donald Trump’s meeting with Russia’s Vladimir Putin this week marked “the lowest point in his presidency”, Kremlin critic William Browder tells FRANCE 24, calling a Putin proposal that Russia be allowed to question US citizens “absurd”.

Video: Ortega loyalists mark 1979 revolt in cradle of Sandinista uprising
Thirty-nine years after the Sandinista uprising began in Masaya, Daniel Ortega loyalists celebrate recapturing the rebel city.

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