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Trump is 'deranged' and will pay, N. Korea says
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un says President Donald Trump's remarks to the United Nations threatening the hermit country reflect "mentally deranged behavior," according to a statement released by North Korea's news agency, KCNA

Trump sanctions target North Korea's few friends
President Donald Trump announced a new set of sanctions on North Korea Thursday, saying the executive action would target individuals and companies that engage in finance and trade with the isolated communist nation

Kim Jong Un: Trump will pay dearly for speech
North Korea's Kim Jong Un has responded to President Trump's United Nations speech. CNN's Athena Jones reports

Trump blames Clintons for North Korea nuke crisis
President Donald Trump on Wednesday blamed his former campaign rival, Hillary Clinton, and her husband, former President Bill Clinton, for the North Korean nuclear crisis

North Korea's illicit money-making businesses
CNN's Brian Todd reports on some of North Korea's operations that could still bring in money for the country despite new sanctions

Theresa May plans to break Brexit deadlock
British Prime Minister Theresa May will seek to kick start the faltering Brexit negotiations on Friday with a proposal for a transitional deal that will cost the UK billions of euros

A car shop where kids learn to build a future
Aaron Valencia was a teenager when his life hit rock bottom

These classic cars are a vehicle for self-expression
Aaron Valencia's nonprofit, Lost Angels Children's Project, teaches low-income, foster and at-risk youth in California how to restore classic cars

A former addict is now inspired to share his passion
One family shares how they found a positive outlet and new look on life at CNN Hero Aaron Valencia's custom car garage in Lancaster, CA

Jim Ovia, the founder of Zenith Bank talks about literally building the roads to his banking empir

It is a perilous journey for many Rohingya fleeing to Bangladesh. CNN's Alexandra Field spoke to some of those who took the risk in order to save themselves and their young children

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