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Ai Weiwei's Art and the Chinese Tragi-Comedy | Sampsonia ...
She became head of the Richard-Wilhelm Research Center for Translation in 1991 until she took a job in 2001 as director of the Laogai Research Foundation (LRF) to work on human rights issues. She was at LRF until 2009. Martin-Liao has ...
Author: Tienchi Martin-Liao  (23 Jul 2014)
Richard Wilhelm | NovArmonia
Richard Wilhelm (Stoccarda, 10 maggio 1873 – Tubinga, 2 marzo 1930) è stato un orientalista, teologo e missionario tedesco, fu uno dei più importanti sinologi (studioso della civiltà cinese) di lingua tedesca. È famosa la sua traduzione del ...
Author: admin  (23 Jul 2014)
I Chang (Yijing or Zhouyi) - CHINA CULTURE
Still the best western translation is that of James Legge and the German one by Richard Wilhelm. The Eight Trigrams (Bagua 八卦) are: Qian 乾 (the Creative; Heaven) Kun 坤 (the Receptive; Earth) Kan 坎 (the Perilous Pit; Water) Li 離 (the ...
Author: Dave Stone  (21 Jul 2014)
Daily I Ching ~ July 20th | Global Light Minds
from The I Ching or Book of Changes by Richard Wilhelm, Cary F. Baynes, Hellmut Wilhelm and C. G. Jung. The great lines, that is, the light, strong lines, are powerful. Four light lines have entered the hexagram from below and are about to ...
Author: Wendy Zake  (20 Jul 2014)

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