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Women – Results from 11th & 18th September 2014 ...
WINNERS: Patsy Fayne and Jocelyn Rabjohns (58). RUNNERS-UP: Weang Brown and Sue Piggott (56). RUNDOWN: Shay Zulpo and Judy Kitcher (60), Kate Sawrey and Carmel Clark (63), Barbara Taylor and Mary Miller (65).
Author: rodbooth  (19 Sep 2014)
Women – Results from 4th September 2014 :: Cooroy Golf ...
RUNDOWN: Carmel Clark (70), Sonja Cordwell (72), Joyce McKay (74), Kaye Gilmour (74), Anita Highland (75), Kate Sawrey (76), Freda Bull (76), Patsy Fayne (76). APPROACHES: Carole Clancy, Judy Kitcher. MONTHLY MEDALS: Carole ...
Author: rodbooth  (4 Sep 2014)
Women – Results from 28th August 2014 - Cooroy Golf Club
RUNDOWN: Kaye Gilmour (33), Joyce McKay (32), Carole Clancy (32), Anita Highland (32), Shay Zulpo (31), Patsy Fayne (31), Wendy O'Hare (31), Sue Sendall (31), Kate Sawrey (30 c/b). APPROACHES: Sonja Cordwell, Shay Zulpo and ...
Author: rodbooth  (29 Aug 2014)

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