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Niels Henrik David Bohr (Danish: [ˈnels ˈboɐ̯ˀ]; 7 October 1885 – 18 November 1962) was a Danish physicist who made foundational contributions to understanding atomic structure and quantum theory, for which he received the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1922. Bohr was also a philosopher and a promoter of scientific research. Bohr developed the Bohr model of the atom, in which he proposed that energy levels of electrons are discrete and that the electrons revolve in stable orbits around the atomic nucleus but can jump from one energy level (or orbit) to another. Although the Bohr model has been supplanted by other models, its underlying principles remain valid. He conceived the principle of...

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Niels Bohr

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Niels Bohr Biography – Niels Bohr
Niels Bohr was born in October 1885 and later passed on in 1962. The Danish physicist has been a leading philanthropist and has been regarded as one of the most respected physicists of all times. His skills were of great help especially in ...
Author: admin  (14 Dec 2014)
Einstein's Nightmare | - Jim Al-Khalili
If the total came to under 2, then Einstein's version of quantum reality was correct and the world is deterministic, rather than probabilistic, with quantum entities existing prior to being observed. But if the total came to over 2, then Niels Bohr was ...
Author: Jim Al-Khalili  (14 Dec 2014)
Royal Dutch Shell's Dividend Hors D'oeuvres - Seeking Alpha
Of course we don't know what will come, and as Niels Bohr would have it: "prediction is difficult, especially about the future." By simply looking at a stock chart you might conclude that Royal Dutch Shell has proven little, if any value. Yet this ...
Author:  (13 Dec 2014)

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