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Miguel Doura was born in 1962 in the province of Buenos Aires, Argentina, where he studied fine arts at the school Prilidiano Pueyrredón, standing out his talks and meetings with his teacher the sculptor Rubén Locazo (Grand National Sculpture Prize). For years he worked as an art photographer and his images appeared on Argentine and foreign publications illustrating postcards, calendars, magazines and books on different subjects. Then devoting himself to painting; highlights its typically Fauvist style, his work exhultantes color, away from their frames through constant exercise of complementary colors. In 2010 he was invited to paint and exhibit in Holland, where the local critics said hi...

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Amazing places: Patagonia | Tourist Diaries
The Argentine researcher Miguel Doura observed that the name Patagonia possibly derives from the ancient Greek region of modern Turkey called Paflagonia, possible home of the patagon personage in the chivalric romances Primaleon ...
Author: noreply@blogger.com (Faisal Muhsen)  (26 Jan 2015)

Blog del Aula 205, LENGUA ESPAÑOLA: Carta de un ...
De artistas argentinos sólo sé de Miguel Doura y Ernesto Sábato. Yo los respeto mucho y admiro su creatividad. Me alegro de que tú me escribió esta carta. Con mucho gusto voy a esperar a los siguientes correos electrónicos. Adiós, mi ...
Author: Autor  (15 Dec 2014)

Viaggio in Patagonia - Viaggiamo | Viaggiamo
Il ricercatore argentino Miguel Doura ha osservato che forse il nome, Patagonia deriva dall'antica regione greca della Turchia moderna chiamata Paflagonia, possibile sede del personaggio “patagon” nei romanzi cavallereschi “Primaleon” ...
Author: Carmen  (25 Nov 2014)

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