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Michael Iseberg (stage name "Michael Iceberg") is an American musician. He is most noted as a performer at Walt Disney World and Disneyland in the mid-1970s to late-1980s and a highly visible early-adopter of new keyboard and synthesizer technology. Thousands of visitors to the parks over the years enjoyed his frenetic live performances on his Amazing Iseberg (later changed to "Iceberg") Machine which were demonstrations of his prowess as a keyboard performer and his ingenuity in creating new sounds. The show was performed at Walt Disney World's Tomorrowland Terrace where Cosmic Ray's Starlight Cafe currently sits, Disneyland's Tomorrowland Terrace, and also on the Disneyland Space Stage (wh...

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Twitter image 169 卌 please cal+ash  @FIERCEASH
ashtons face when michael said 'let's play titanic, you be iceberg and I'll go down' will never get old

Twitter image Mel  @melrainville
Luke Hemmings im taking michael pick up line but , Lets play titanic youll be the iceberg and ill go down 😏

Twitter image Teko  @TekoOtter
Fast forward to 23:00 for Michael Iceberg.

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How Disney Was Hustled into Making the Trippiest Movie ...
Michael Iceberg, a Disney performer who played frenetic synth compositions from inside a giant pyramid, is featured prominently in the documentary. Without context, it's completely bizarre. Why? ​ We all got swept up in the Iceberg thing.
Author: editor@motherboard.tv. (Jordan Pearson)  (16 Dec 2014)

Michael Iceberg Tries Out His New Synthesizer - Matrixsynth
Michael Iceberg Tries Out His New Synthesizer. Published on Aug 25, 2014 Janeen Goike If you don't know who Michael Iceberg is, check out this post, followed by other posts here, and his official website here. He was responsible for many a ...
Author: matrix  (26 Aug 2014)

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