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Marjory Gordon is a nursing theorist and professor who created a nursing assessment theory known as Gordon's functional health patterns. Dr. Gordon served in 1973 as the first president of the North American Nursing Diagnosis Association until 1988. She has been a Fellow of the American Academy of Nursing since 1977 and was named as a Living Legend by the same organization in 2009.

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Marion Johnson, dkk, 2000, Nursing Outcome Classifications (NOC), Mosby Year-Book, St. Louis. Marjory Gordon, dkk, 2001, Nursing Diagnoses: Definition & Classification 2001-2002, NANDA. Diposkan oleh Yusman Tilasgus azariah Kause ...
Author: Yusman Tilasgus azariah Kause, S.Kep, Ners  (18 Oct 2014)
Enfermería Médico Quirúrgica: Bibliográfia 2
Marjory Gordon. Diagnóstico enfermero: categoría y proceso. Nursing Diagnosis: Process and Application. 3ªed. Madrid: Mosby/Doyma; 1996. p.... APGP 1. SEMINARIO 1 DEL GRUPO 2 Eduardo nos dio a los diferentes grupos diversas ...
Author: Rafael Jiménez González  (24 Sep 2014)
Daughter of Strangers by Marjory Gordon | Amy's Marathon ...
Review: A slow but well-paced read, Daughter of Strangers by Marjory Gordon is best described as an anthropological study of the Dene people who lived 1600 years before present day. Amy's character is the perfect observer of their beliefs ...
Author: Amy  (4 Sep 2014)

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