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About Rajput: History rajput part 2
3.4 Mair Rajput. 3.5 Pala Dynasty-Gaur Rajputs. 3.6 Janjua Rajput. 3.7 Rana Rajput Dynasty of Nepal. 3.8 Thakuri Dynasty. 3.9 Gahadvala Rajput. 3.10 Kacchawa Rajput. 3.11 Guhilots Rajput of Nagda – Mewar(south Rajasthan). 3.12 Rai ...
Author: Rajdeepsinh Jadeja  (14 Oct 2014)
Rajpoot: rajput Great worriors of india........
Mair Rajput or Mede Rajput (Punjabi language pronunciation) is the name of a oldest warriors from Aryan community of India. Mair, Meyer, Meir, Mayr, Medes and Khmer are same surname all over the World, many of them are Catholic, Jews ...
Author: Rao HaiderRajpoot  (28 Sep 2014)

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