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Laura Danly, Ph.D. is an American astronomer and academic. Currently, Danly serves as Curator at Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles. Prior to her current positions, she served as chair of the Department of Space Sciences at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science. Previously, Danly held academic posts at the University of Denver (where she served as assistant professor), and at Pomona College (where she served as visiting assistant professor). In these positions, she developed curricula focusing on astronomy, archaeoastronomy, solar physics, astrophotography and astrobiology. Danly spent several years at the Space Telescope Science Institute in Baltimore, Maryland, where she held a variety of...

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Twitter image Azura Rose  @HellcatAzura
RT @RoadtripNation: "What's the other side of fear? Excitement." -Laura Danly #quotes

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RT @RoadtripNation: "What's the other side of fear? Excitement." -Laura Danly #quotes

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NEWS WIRE: Google Alert - New Orleans School
... of New Orleans to be discussed at Old Metairie teachers symposium. The Times-Picayune - (blog). Also taking place at Metairie Park Country Day School is astronomer Laura Danly's presentation, "Living in a Creative Cosmos.
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Эксперты в фильмах: Alex Filippenko, Jenn Jackson, Lucinda Land, Don Lusko, Arden Sellers, Доктор Кевин Р. Грейзер, Erik Thompson, Роберт Р. Каргилл, Laura Danly, Paul Davies, Clifford Johnson, Leonard Mlodinow, Dana Smelzer, ...
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