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1st Place Regional Puerto Rico Jose Marzan-Mermail

Jose Marzan Jr. inking girl's face

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Jose Marzan Jr

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Eee! Tess Ate Chai Tea!: Supergirl #34
Sh-sh-sh-she looked l-l-l-like a st-st-st-upid fucking fr-fr-fr-frog when she k-k-k-kissed Mike-hole anyway. Huh. Huh. Huh. OH GOD! Noooooooo! SUPERGIRL! Posted by Lizard at 4:04 AM. Labels: Doomed, Hi-fi, Jose Marzan Jr., Karl Moline, ...
Author: Lizard  (27 Aug 2014)
Things I Like: The Nao of Brown
... Farscape (16); Fiona Staples (16); J Dilla (16); Jose Marzan Jr. (16); Russ Braun (16); Simon Roy (16); Greek Street (15); Jack of Fables (15); Jonah Hex (15); Keith RA DeCandido (15); Now-Again (15); Paul Cornell (15); Resurrection (15) ...
Author: thingslikei  (24 Aug 2014)

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