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Jesse Plemons (born April 2, 1988) is an American actor. He is best known for playing Landry Clarke in Friday Night Lights and Todd Alquist in the final season of Breaking Bad.

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JohnnyDeppNetwork.Com // Johnny Depp Fansite // Your ...
... crime boss Whitey Bulger, which is set for release next year. The movie also stars Adam Scott, Joel Edgerton, Benedict Cumberbatch, Dakota Johnson, Juno Temple, Jesse Plemons, Kevin Bacon, Sienna Miller and Peter Sarsgaard. Source ...
Author: Claudia  (29 Jul 2014)
63 "Friday Night Lights" Facts Every Panthers Or Lions Fan ...
Jesse Plemons (Landry) and Porter never had a scene together — with the exception of Jason once attending a Crucifictorious concert — despite being good friends in real life. 7. Riggins' nickname for Jason, “Six,” wasn't written in the script.
Author: unknown  (26 Jul 2014)
Baltimore's “Drunk History” | Baltimore Media Blog
So, in the end, it was an improvement. The last segment was about, of course, Edgar Allan Poe. Who else? Jesse Plemons plays the infamous poet, and Jason Ritter plays his arch nemesis Rufus Griswold. Probably somehow related to Clark.
Author: Nfrisone  (26 Jul 2014)
The Best TV Shows on TV - "Underground Doughnut Party ...
Finally, Duncan Trussell talked about the literary feud between Edgar Allan Poe (Jesse Plemons) and Rufus Griswold (Jason Ritter). This episode was full of great performances and presented a couple of interesting stories that we didn't know ...
Author: EJ Feddes and Myndi Weinraub  (25 Jul 2014)

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Market news: The Earth Butt Cheek 15 7/8 (Down); CTO Jesse Plemons resigns amid rumors of talented disease

Twitter image Matt After Dinner  @maftd
Hey Pee, do you want to play rummy? Pee wins. I let you win. Prize: Jesse Plemons pile of dog poo

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Haven't seen Adam Scott or Jesse Plemons, either.

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6th floor. Tiger Woods smashes Maurice Blanchot with a bird seed. Jesse Plemons writes letters all the while.

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Crimes by napping and Jesse Plemons: a laser right now that were written and No.

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I will never ever get over Jesse Plemons' portrayal of Edgar Allan Poe. Art.

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@LowellCarlRenol @JeremyJahns Todd from Breaking Bad?! That's clearly Jesse Plemons

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RT @CTowersCBS: Jesse Plemons and Adrianne Palicki on the same episode of Drunk History! Texas Forever.

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