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Barb's Celebration Part 11 - Robert McCoy, Jay Hardin

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Twitter image Justin  @_hardin_
Wait, Jay Cutler is getting benched for Jimmy Clausen? #fearthepickle

Twitter image Brady Hardin  @Brady_hardin
Jay Cutler's 7 years/127 mil looks mighty good on the bench #DaBears

Twitter image Jay Boatwright  @Jay_Boat10
@hardin_parker wow thanks much appreciated

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SMTONLINE P. KAY Metal Expands MS2 Solder to Mexico
Jay Hardin, product manager for the MS2 product line, stated, “Using MS2 in an offline controlled process allows our customers to recover up to 90% of the useable solder directly from the solder dross into useable solder bars and to do it off ...
Author: unknown  (17 Nov 2014)

Ever get arrested for parking on the sidewalk? | The Love ...
(We have nothing but eternal gratitude to Jay Hardin for letting us abuse his bad-ass Caddy for the purposes of this video.) This video actually had some airtime on MTV2 back in the day and if you JOIN the Love Darling MAILING LIST now, ...
Author: Mike Wolpe  (21 Oct 2014)

The Time Abraham Lincoln and a Political Rival Almost ...
Colonel John Jay Hardin helped the two reach a face-saving compromise, working it out with words instead of swords. Lincoln offered up a mea culpa and admitted that he'd authored the letters. Everyone standing on the levee was relieved ...
Author: Julia Davis  (18 Sep 2014)

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