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Hermann Giliomee is an author of historical and political studies, former Professor of Political Studies at the University of Cape Town (1983–2002), President of the South African Institute of Race Relations (1995–1997) and Extraordinary Professor of History at the Stellenbosch University. He co-founded Die Suid-Afrikaans, an Afrikaans journal of opinion in 1984. Giliomee was a regular columnist for the Cape Times, The Rand Daily Mail and other periodicals from 1980 to 1997 and is writing a political column for the Afrikaans morning newspapers Die Burger, Beeld and Volksblad.

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Dagbreek: Onderhoud - Hermann Giliomee

Varsgedruk [30] Die laaste Afrikanerleiers, deur Hermann Giliomee

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Will Conrad Koch and his zealots lynch Professor Giliomee ...
How singing Die Stem can be “racist” is of course a mystery, unless you have a made-in-China plastic brain that you share with your Siamese twin like Conrad Koch. For God's sake, Hermann Giliomee has even stoutly defended Verwoerd!
Author: Dan Roodt  (30 Oct 2014)

The Soweto Uprising 1976 « Martin Bell
Professor Hermann Giliomee (2003, pp.573-575) stated that 'the images on the screen left little doubt about black for the white system rule 'it's therefore obvious that the international community reacted fiercely against the National Party and ...
Author: martinbell6  (19 Oct 2014)

Apartheid-leiers was naïef, sê Giliomee | Maroela Media
Prof. Hermann Giliomee, gerespekteerde historikus, het by 'n byeenkoms van AfriForum in Pretoria gepraat oor die foute wat tydens die vroeë jare negentig tydens die onderhandelingsproses gemaak is.
Author: Alet Rademeyer  (8 Oct 2014)

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