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This article is about the most prominent member of the family of luthiers Grancino (de). Other members included Andrea Grancino, Francesco Grancino, Gianbattista Grancino (or Giovanni Battista Grancino) and Paolo Grancino. Their instruments were played by Yehudi Menuhin (violin), Siegfried Palm (cello) and Adrian Beers (double bass), among others. Giovanni Grancino (1637–1709), son of Andrea Grancino, was one of the early Milanese luthiers, and may have worked with his brother, Francesco. Grancino's workshops were all located on Contrada Larga, now Via Larga in Milan. His instruments bear the characteristic segno della corona (mark of the crown). Although the luthiers of Milan created inst...

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CIS: musica concertistica per violino e organo ...
Sono intervenuti i maestri Renato Riccardo Bonaccini che ha suonato il violino di Giovanni Grancino (1733) e Eugenio Picozza che ha suonato l'organo a canne della chiesa, collocato sulle due cantorie ai lati della cupola, formato da due ...
Author: Il Metropolitano  (4 Dec 2014)
Spruce tone wood harvested ca. 1800 - All Things Strings
Milanese makers in the time of Giovanni Grancino perhaps did not enjoy the wealthy patronage that others used to purchase fine materials. Other schools, such as the Ventepane family in Naples would often employ what we makers today ...
Author: unknown  (10 Oct 2014)
Παρακρατικοί: Μελωδικό το κλείσιμο της παρουσίας της ...
... κάνει μια πλούσια διεθνή καριέρα και είναι ήδη καθηγητής βιολιού και μουσικής δωματίου στο LANDESKONNSERVATORIUM INSBRUK και στο πανεπιστήμιο MOZARTEUM SALZBURG και παίζει με ιταλικό βιολί Giovanni Grancino του 1692.
Author: Makis Oneiropolos  (26 Aug 2014)

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