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Giovanni Grancino (1637–1709), son of Andrea Grancino, was one of the early Milanese luthiers, and may have worked with his brother, Francesco.[1]

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Map of the Violin-Making Centres in Europe | Strings2u
The Bergonzi family of luthiers continued till 1796. After the middle of the 18th century, only the Cerutis remained in Cremona. In MILAN, in the mid 17th century was Giovanni GRANCINO (1637–1709), Carlo Giuseppe TESTORE (1665–1716), ...
Author: strings2u  (21 Jun 2014)
听荷兰冯登贝尔格-威利斯钢琴大提琴二重奏_一片秋叶溯风而 ...
尤里斯演奏的是1703年乔瓦尼•格兰奇诺(Giovanni Grancino)大提琴和18世纪法国著名琴弓制造家“大杜赫特”(Nicolas Léonard Tourte)的弓,由荷兰国家乐器基金会出借。 马林•威利斯,钢琴. 马林进入阿姆斯特丹音乐学院之初,就表现出对各类音乐 ...
Author: 一片秋叶溯风而上  (20 Jun 2014)
Albinoni: Concerti a cinque, Op. 10 | AmateurPianists
Simon Standage — Giovanni Grancino, Milan 1685. Miles Golding — Antonio Mariani, Pesaro c.1660. Miki Takahashi* — Nicolo Gagliano, 1764. Persephone Gibbs† — attributed to Jacob Stainer, c.1650. Violin II Catherine Martin — Carlo ...
Author: amateurpianists  (9 May 2014)
Longwood Symphony Orchestra presents 2013-14 Season ...
Ms. Parnas performs on a 1712 Giovanni Grancino cello. ABOUT THE LONGWOOD SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA. Established in 1982, the Longwood Symphony Orchestra is a distinctive organization in Boston's cultural landscape recognized ...
Author: Valarie Seabrook  (25 Apr 2014)

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