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This article is about the most prominent member of the family of luthiers Grancino (de). Other members included Andrea Grancino, Francesco Grancino, Gianbattista Grancino (or Giovanni Battista Grancino) and Paolo Grancino. Their instruments were played by Yehudi Menuhin (violin), Siegfried Palm (cello) and Adrian Beers (double bass), among others. Giovanni Grancino (1637–1709), son of Andrea Grancino, was one of the early Milanese luthiers, and may have worked with his brother, Francesco. Grancino's workshops were all located on Contrada Larga, now Via Larga in Milan. His instruments bear the characteristic segno della corona (mark of the crown). Although the luthiers of Milan created inst...

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Carlo Giuseppe Testore c. 1696 | VIOLINISTA
He was a student of Giovanni Grancino for whose work his instruments are often mistaken. He was the best violin maker in his family but he did not make a lot of instruments. In 1697 he went to Milan where he established his workshop.
Author: violinista  (16 Nov 2014)
Timothy Ridout - APVdA
Timothy é apoiado por Ian Stoutzker e o fundo Albert e Eugine Frost Music Trust. Toca numa viola Giovanni Grancino de 1677 gentilmente emprestada pela Royal Academy of Music, com o apoio generoso da Amarylis Fleming Foundation.
Author: apvda  (28 Oct 2014)
... Peter Shidlof e Bruno Giuranna) é um livro intitulado “Notebook for Viola Players” que consiste em exercícios e explicações sobre a técnica de Viola. Ivo-Jan van der Werff toca numa viola de Giovanni Grancino, de Milão, de cerca de 1690.
Author: apvda  (23 Oct 2014)

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