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Yoga & Meditation: Yoga With an OstomyYoga and Meditation
Elizabeth Rayson, in her book, 'Living Well with an Ostomy,' believes that yoga is a gentle method to reawaken the body after a long period of stagnation. She suggests making sure with any postures that include the stomach muscles, such as ...
Author: Yoga Divinity  (17 Jul 2014)

What is Yin Yoga? | Elizabeth Rayson, yoga teacher ...
Yin yoga: you've seen it on your studio's schedule, heard your fellow yoga practitioners rave about how relaxing it is, and maybe even seen these same yogis leave Yin class with a deliciously blissed-out look on their faces. But what is it?
Author: elizabethrayson  (4 Mar 2014)

Yin at Redwood Hot Yoga | Elizabeth Rayson, yoga teacher ...
I'm now teaching at Yin Yoga at Redwood Hot Yoga on Saturdays, 1-2:30pm, for the remainder of February and March. The studio is celebrating its one year anniversary this Saturday, with free yoga classes all day (including Yin). Hope to see ...
Author: elizabethrayson  (25 Feb 2014)

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