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Yoga & Meditation: Yoga With an OstomyYoga and Meditation
Elizabeth Rayson, in her book, 'Living Well with an Ostomy,' believes that yoga is a gentle method to reawaken the body after a long period of stagnation. She suggests making sure with any postures that include the stomach muscles, such as ...
Author: Yoga Divinity  (17 Jul 2014)

What is Yin Yoga? | Elizabeth Rayson, yoga teacher ...
Yin yoga: you've seen it on your studio's schedule, heard your fellow yoga practitioners rave about how relaxing it is, and maybe even seen these same yogis leave Yin class with a deliciously blissed-out look on their faces. But what is it?
Author: elizabethrayson  (4 Mar 2014)

Yin at Redwood Hot Yoga | Elizabeth Rayson, yoga teacher ...
I'm now teaching at Yin Yoga at Redwood Hot Yoga on Saturdays, 1-2:30pm, for the remainder of February and March. The studio is celebrating its one year anniversary this Saturday, with free yoga classes all day (including Yin). Hope to see ...
Author: elizabethrayson  (25 Feb 2014)

Pain and Worry. (Warning: Graphic Grodiness) | Holy Bag ...
All I know is that this can't be normal, no matter what the experts say can be expected. So, just to make this more relevant to readers than just another whine, how about some information? From Living Well With an Ostomy by Elizabeth Rayson.
Author: Heather F.  (16 Jun 2013)

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