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The Power of the Doodle: Improve Your Focus and Memory
The likely reason: Doodlers' visual-processing ability was split between two visual tasks, says the study's author, Elaine Chan, a former psychology student at the university who is now a researcher at a Vancouver children's hospital.
Author: just a marine  (31 Jul 2014)

Let out your warcry, and never back down: Pulling out the ...
December (10). ▻ November (5). ▻ October (18). ▻ September (7). Friends from across the sea and blah~. Elaine Chan · Joy Chen · Joanna Ng · Simin Tan · Berenice Yip · Jane Wong · Ellis Liu · Rachel Koh. Links to this post. Create a Link.
Author: Andy Asshole  (27 Jul 2014)

Mark Zuckerberg got wealthier than Google founders ...
Mark Zuckerberg. Photograph Credit: Elaine Chan and Priscilla Chan. Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook Cofounder, Chairman and CEO add $1.6 billion to his fortunes and he's now richer than Larry Page and Sergey Brin, the Google Inc. founders.
Author: CoStaff  (25 Jul 2014)

DSE中國文學教室: 卷二賞析進階(一):構思論點(上)
儘管考評局的題目不乏直接者,但有不少題目仍舊雖靠我們自己構思論點,如試抒己見、某寫作手法的好處等。究竟如何才能”腦筋急轉彎”即時想出好論點呢?且聽下回分解! 張貼者: Elaine Chan 於 上午8:34 · 以電子郵件傳送這篇文章BlogThis!
Author: Elaine Chan  (23 Jul 2014)

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