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Elaine Chan may refer to: Elaine Wan Chan, music composer and music director in Singapore Elaine Chan (swimmer) (born 1988), Olympic swimmer from Hong Kong

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DSE中國文學教室: 備戰2015 DSE (二):淺談《涉江》
漁父莞爾而笑,鼓枻而去,乃歌曰:「滄浪之水清兮,可以濯吾纓。滄浪之水濁兮,可以濯吾足。」遂去,不復與言。 張貼者: Elaine Chan 於 上午6:03 · 以電子郵件傳送這篇文章BlogThis!分享至Twitter分享至Facebook分享到Pinterest. 沒有留言: ...
Author: Elaine Chan  (16 Jan 2015)

DSE中國文學教室: 備戰2015 DSE (一):淺談《進學解》
其實你在溫內容時已經順便溫好寫作技巧了!自況、諷刺、比喻這三種技巧在上文已有出現,駢散相間、務去陳言(即自鑄新詞)要找例子記亦非難事。唯一需要特別記下來的只有本篇類似於漢賦、但又見創新的主客答問結構而已。 張貼者: Elaine Chan ...
Author: Elaine Chan  (6 Jan 2015)

Elaine Chan margin of saving face and puffy eyes wearing ...
Elaine Chan margin of saving face and puffy eyes wearing sunglasses cover – ray ban sunglasses uk sale. Elaine friend died, she had to wear sunglasses to hide their faces badly bruised. Beijing on January 3, 2015, according to Hong Kong ...
Author: admin  (4 Jan 2015)

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