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Eduardo Bahr Director de la Biblioteca Nacional JRM Tegucigalpa, Honduras, C.A.

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estadisticas de la pobreza por regiones, en honduras años ...
En el ínterin, recibí este valioso documento escrito por D. Eduardo Bahr, que supera en mucho el borrador del mío, ya que como hondureño conoce mejor que yo las profundidades de Honduras, y por ello, por su innegable valor y con su ...
Author: luis Araque  (14 Aug 2014)
World Cup of Literature: Group E | Metro Writers in Residence
Honduras: Eduardo Bahr, “The War Story”. What is the deal with this group? I have no idea. Did you know that before Les Miserables was a movie it was also a musical? And before that it was also a book, did you know that? It is the classic tale ...
Author: Jason Lee Norman  (16 Jun 2014)

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