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RT @CuteEmergency: Mountain goats don't give AF about gravity. @danglemeister

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@sam_rippy don't talk about @charrrneilson like that

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She don't accept me but she speak to my watch

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That's All Rite Mama: Arthelene Rippy
She divorced Don Rippy in November 1975. Rev. Don Rippy was found dead in his apartment in St. Petersburg, Florida in September 1977. Arthelene Rippy has been with CTN (Christian Television Network) since it began in 1978.
Author: Bob The Scared Data Miner  (28 Jul 2013)
Mayor honors two at council meeting; new ambulance ...
Mayor Chuck Burtcher (right) recognizes Don Rippy. Photo Courtesy of City of Guthrie. The Mayor first honored Rippy, who is the pastor at the Guthrie Christian Church, with a plaque reading “Consistent Prayers From A Wonderful Community” ...
Author: Chris Evans  (19 Dec 2012)

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