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Author: admin  (5 Jun 2014)

pikachuwii CLoUd 9 - Hatena Haiku
DAVE: (kobayashi was your cup you dumb fuck) DAVE: (lmao) DAVE: (drop it like unemployment figures under the obama administrations bold economic policies) DAVE: (drop it like cargo on a space getaway) DAVE: (just) DAVE: (jettison that ...
Author: pikachuwii  (2 Dec 2012)

Bleeding Heart Specatabilis 1 Gallon Pot - ODS.org
Browse pictures and read growth cultivation information about Bleeding Heart Dicentra Bleeding Heart Specatabilis 1 spectabilis supplied by member gardeners in the PlantFiles database at Dave. Kobayashi Issa 1 Dicentra spectabilis the ...
Author: admin  (31 Oct 2011)

Context matters, and Last Call Cleveland is awesome
I think it was written by Dave Kobayashi. At SketchFest, it did pretty well. Far better than average laughs. I was pretty happy about that. A week later, the Pork Filled Players opened the show Crouching Elves, Hidden Packages. Many of the ...
Author: Edward  (10 Oct 2010)

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