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Billy Bob may refer to: Billy Bob Thornton Billy Bob Brockali, member of the animatronic robot band The Rock-afire Explosion

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Rock-Afire Explosion


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Billy Bob transforms into Karl of SLINGBLADE, at time = 2:50

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Will I Git Ebola Un T' Subway? A Breethless Explun'r trever ...
Put h'yar by Billy Bob · Ebola is spreddin rapidlee throughout Amurka, as acoupla nurses who hepped a diseese-stricke mun n' Dallas air generly repertid ta be a'doin okay an' have nairy infectid innyone else. And one docter n' New York has ...
Author: Billy Bob  (24 Oct 2014)
Y'all're Drankin Coffee All Rong, Becawz Science trever ...
Put h'yar by Billy Bob. Uh oh. Y'all knoe hoe yer Starbs addicshun is gittin out o'kuntrol, an' y'all're nairy quite shure why? Science has un anser fer y'all. If'n t'furst thang y'all reech fer n' t'monin' is yer coffee cup, y'all're a'doin life rong.
Author: Billy Bob  (24 Oct 2014)
T' Dodge Vip'r ACR Returns Ta Strike Fear At Yer Nex Track ...
Put h'yar by Billy Bob. Fer a good 10 yeers, t'Dodge Vip'r ACR wuz t'hardest, nastiest, trackiest Vip'r y'all could track. Light'r, stiff'r, an' mer strippet out thun a norml Vip'r, it wuz a true beas. But t'hurd-ge Vip'r has yet ta git un Amurkin Club ...
Author: Billy Bob  (24 Oct 2014)

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