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Legalization of Euthanasia | Critical Thinking
Maintaining life support systems against the patient's wish is considered unethical by law as well as medical philosophy. There was the case in relation to George and Betty Coumbias, two 73-year-old British Columbia residents. George suffers ...
Author: jessica hanita  (9 Jan 2013)
The Suicide Tourist - Dokumentä
Den andra berättelsen i The Suicide Tourist kommer att följa George och Betty Coumbias, från Vancouver, som bestämt sig för att prova denna väg. George har en hjärtsjukdom och vill med hjälp av Dignitas få dö. Hans hustru Betty är fast ...
Author: admin  (21 Jun 2012)
Europe's suicide tourism -
In The Suicide Tourist, the character of Betty Coumbias makes an attempt at a response: 'I'm quite well, but that is not the question. If you want to finish your life, well, it's your life!' In an era where science is setting its sights on immortality, ...
Author: Helen Bowden  (24 Mar 2011)

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