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Anatolia (from Greek Ἀνατολή, Anatolḗ — "east" or "(sun)rise"; in modern Turkish: Anadolu), in geography known as Asia Minor (from Greek: Μικρὰ Ἀσία Mīkrá Asía — "small Asia"), Asian Turkey, Anatolian peninsula, or Anatolian plateau, denotes the westernmost protrusion of Asia, which makes up the majority of the Republic of Turkey.[1] The region is bounded by the Black Sea to the north, the Mediterranean Sea to the south, and the Aegean Sea to the west. The Sea of Marmara forms a connection between the Black and Aegean Seas through the Bosphorus and Dardanelles straits and separates Anatolia from Thrace on the European mainland. Traditionally, Anatolia is consid...

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Asia Minor - Kokomo - 1961

Asia Minor - One In a Thousand Arms ( Live @ Roger Cafe )

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Ethnologists tell us that the Japhethites, following the flood, migrated from Asia Minor northwards, beyond the Caspian and Black Seas in the area of Rosh, known today as modern Russia. Beyond the philological conviction we have the ...
Author: Neville Stephens  (21 Aug 2014)
On the origin of the Indo-European language family - Cradle ...
Early in the fifth century, Classical Armenian, or Grabar, was one of the great languages of the Near East and Asia Minor. Although an autonomous branch within the Indo-European family of languages, it had some affinities to Middle Iranian, ...
Author: Fredsvenn  (21 Aug 2014)
Why We Fight Wars –
Once upon a time wars were fought for fun and profit; when Rome overran Asia Minor or Spain conquered Peru, it was all about the gold and silver. And that kind of thing still happens. In influential research sponsored by the World Bank, the ...
Author: Jeff Pruett  (21 Aug 2014)

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