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The creators of the Ab Rocker have good intentions, because their aim is to simplify the performance of a basic sit-up, while emphasizing the phenomenal results you get from the fact that this machine enhances the toning benefits of your “six ...
Author: admin  (21 Jul 2014)

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They've got a NordicTrack, Ab Roller, Ab Rocker and Thigh Master in the basement, all gathering dust. Bookshelves overflow with titles like Dr. Atkins' New Diet Revolution, The Zone, Eat More, Weigh Less and so on – also gathering dust.
Author: admin  (19 Jul 2014)

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Guilt is a dangerous emotion. I can show you ways to avoid feeling guilty, lose weight, eat what you want and still look great and not a diet pill, food supplement, ab belt, ab rocker or piece of home exercise equipment in sight. That is why you ...
Author: admin  (19 Jul 2014)

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They use this method to emphasize the power of the Ab Rocker to promote their idea of weight loss in the abdominal area. This is not advisable for individuals who are co-existing diseases like advanced arteriosclerosis, coronary heart ...
Author: admin  (19 Jul 2014)

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