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Ground Support Equipment (GSE) is the support equipment found at the airport, usually on the ramp, at the servicing area by the terminal. this equipment is basically used to service the aircraft between flights. this equipment comes in various designs, which performs functions that widely involves ground power operation, such as aircraft mobility and other operations.

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Aircraft & Airport Ground Support Equipment Suppliers
The conception of the e28 was planned from all the experiences had with other ground support equipment for over 30 years; today, the evolution in technology and electronics offers equipment that are more compact, sealed and non-reparable, because of this, the design and engineering team at AP Manufacturing decided to focus in a more simplified mechanical and electronic process of voltage generation, offering this new design that offers a reliable voltage output with simple systems with automatic voltage built-up, it's exterior was designed for easy access to the unit with removable panels created in galvanize metal sheets; the control panel provides easy operation by four simple buttons and a graphic interface that can be understood by anyone.

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