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HeadFX™ and Its Trigger Point Massage Therapy for Migraine


Earth Root Naturals proudly presents HeadFX™, a headband that brings instant relief from migraines, tension, and cluster headaches. The device is clinically proven to assist with pain relief anywhere and anytime. Our headband is registered with Health Canada and available on the website at discounted rates.

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Earth Root Naturals proudly presents HeadFX™, a headband that offers instant migraine relief. The device uses trigger point massage therapy to ensure muscle relaxation and pain relief.
Migraine pain is unbearable, and the person often loses focus on what he/she is doing. The pain is endless and lasts for a while unless a relief pain device such as HeadFX™ is used. Our headband is specifically designed to deal with your migraine pain and provide immediate soothing comfort.
Consider that the pressure points within the neck and head are the root cause of migraine pain. With the use of trigger point massage therapy:
 Energy is released
 Pathways within the body are unblocked
 Promotes deep tissue penetration
While this therapy reduces pressure point sensitivity to a great extent; hot/cold treatment & aromatherapy also help in pain relief. The release of trigger points is a natural pain relief method that offers zero side effects. Pressure point therapy is also known to provide relief for different types of headaches:
 Migraine
 Tension
 Cluster
 Sinus
Purchase HeadFX™ at a special price this festive season only at Earth Root Naturals. Our offer is limited, so hurry!

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