Discover your online visibility score!

WebMii is a new generation people search engine: find all information about any people and get their visibility score.

With WebMii you can take control of your profile to create your own page and manage all information displayed about yourself.

WebMii is the most comprehensive people search engine:
- Discover your online visibility score.
- See how the web sees you: social networks, related people, images, blogs, etc.
- Take control of your profile to manage all information about you.
- Top scores: discover featured people with the highest visibility score.
- Find all information about any people in any country.

WebMii score

The WebMii score is the online visibility score for someone. It is calculated by WebMii according to anyone visibility on the web.

The higher your WebMii score is, the more you are visible on the Internet. The maximal WebMii score is 10.

The score is calculated by a logarithm function based on the number of data sources found for each person.

About information displayed

WebMii is a people search mash up that centralizes public information from other websites. All searches on WebMii generate automatically and dynamically a result page. This result page is built using automatic searches on other websites. The information displayed is public on the web and coming from other websites.

WebMii doesn’t own or control the information concerning people that are published by other websites.

For each search, WebMii shows the source of the presented information. We hope that this service will allow you to better know and control the information about yourself on the web.

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