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When commenting on my mixed career path I find it important to point out that “Everything in creation is connected - science and art; dreams and technology; magic and knowledge etc. No THING exists alone in isolation and by itself.

In my daily life, creative work and professional career my motto has been, ‘Changing the way you see tomorrow’, in the hopes my actions and creative work will bring people closer to themselves and to nature through a transformative experience. I hope that my future projects fulfil these aspiration to bring joy to those that take the time to sharing my in experience through viewing my Art.

Thank you for taking the time to review my images and these web links. I hope your imagination is exposed to an exciting visual adventure in a world filled with new possibilities.

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Art and photography for sale
Franco studied life drawing, impressionist landscape painting and commercial art in Zimbabwe at the Salisbury School of Art and obtained honors in the University of London A Level examinations in 1980. He then moved to Cape Town and completed a diploma in photography and also worked in a private ceramics studio where he explored clay sculpture using mainly the human figure as inspiration.

Franco subsequently spent 18 years working in different aspects of still photography and motion picture film production. He worked extensively for European based advertising campaigns and feature films as well as print campaigns for fashion and glamour assignments. Franco has also obtained various other professional qualifications and currently practices as a commercial property broker. In his spare time he is preparing works for exhibition and is also compiling material for a coffee table book.

Laniakea _ Soul's Journey
This is a link to a book I am busy finalising for publication. I have realised that I should separate some work into a alternative publications.

Laniakea is Hawaiian and means “Immeasurable Heaven”. In astronomy The Laniakea Supercluster is the name given to our local area of know space. It is an area that is over 500 million light years across, incorporating more than 100,000 galaxies including the milky way, our solar system and everything that we can sense with our five physical senses. The profundity of meaning embodied in this word stirs the imagination and inspired me to use the word “Laniakea ” for part of the title of this compilation of artworks. I have also titled it “Soul’s Journey” since it is through the very Windows of the Soul that we able to take this journey of Art appreciation. The recognition and enjoyment of Art is perhaps one of the most meaningful of human endeavours and predates the written word. It can be no accident that as beings composed of start dust and energy living in infinite space that we are able to take pleasure in the recognition of harmonies and patterns in shape, light and colour and call some of it Art. This is truly an individual and personal experience. I hope you enjoy these visual works and thank you for taking the time to review these images.

Art 360 Now
Artworks for sale suited for Home décor, office dressing and as an art investment. These works are best displayed as large format fine art prints or a selected range of fine art papers, aluminium, acrylic or canvas. The end products are gallery quality artwork and will appreciate in value.Please email your queries to


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